Pop up Restaurant

One of the country's best kept secrets is Umbria, in Italy. My inspiration is to use one of the world finest organic olive oil, made in my family estate. Harmonizing the oil with any simple ingredients will take you to the heart of my italian valley in Umbria. The dishes I wish to bring to you are recipes from my home town and represent traditional italian food as we Italians know it. The menu will include fresh seasonal ingredients which my family will directly sent over.


I intend to organise exclusive events on Thursdays, in a prestigious location in Central London. The dinner parties I host are unforgettable affairs lively, addictive but relaxing evenings where Umbrian food and wine keep the conversation flowing. That's the kind of food we're all about. It's also what I call a good dinner party. Inviting you into my home would be like "My home from Umbria" to share and experience; "parmigiana of aubergine", "traditional meat balls", "loin of pork with capers", "barley salads ", "endless varieties of regional artisanal cheeses", "amazing pasta with italian passata di pomodoro and cooked with parmigiano rind". All with an hint of organic La Casella olio.